viburnum lucidum

viburnum lucidum

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Viburnum lucidum Native to Europe, America and Asia, it is a very hardy plant commonly used as a wind breaker. Rapid growing, evergreen, dense, bushy, upright shrub, it has beautiful large and oval foliage up to 20cm long and 10cm wide. The name lucidum refers to its nayural leathery glossiness. White flowers clustered in epical umbels at the end of spring, this shrub can tolerate drastic pruning and adapts to all types of soil except that is too calcareous. Eventually it grows up to 4-5m in height and around 3-4m wide which can be controlled through trimming. Light: Outdoors, direct sunlight or partly shade Water: Regularly, be generous it is a very thirsty plant Feeding: General plant food every 15 days Compost: All purpose compost
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